Ceasefire Agreement

 “Ceasefire agreement" is a key to the solution.

In the twenty-first century, almost all countries are developing and progressive. But in the meantime, in some countries, violence and war have been going on for many years. War has no role in progressive development. Because the violence of war destroys development. One of the ways to end this war is to call it a "ceasefire agreement." This agreement was implemented to end the war between two or more countries.

One of the most talked about events in the world today was the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine which came into effect on 21/05/2021. The ceasefire ended 11 days of violence, killing at least 240 people, most of them in Gaza. The ceasefire was mediated by Egypt. An Egyptian security official told Reuters news agency that both sides had agreed in principle to a ceasefire after receiving help from mediators. It is a "ceasefire agreement" which is an "international agreement". We should know, what is this ceasefire agreement?

Firstly, there is no formal legal definition of a ceasefire, but it can be defined as a “moratorium on acts of violence by military and paramilitary forces, usually as a result of third-party intervention”.

A ceasefire signals an attempt to reach a more comprehensive and lasting solution to the armed conflict. A ceasefire is more commonly agreed upon between the warring parties. Nowadays, however, ceasefire agreements or international agreements are also considered as a source of law. The modern state cannot live a single life without relations with other states in the world. It is not possible for any state to be alone in today's world. 

Each state has and is bound to have relations with neighboring or other states. There may be a dispute between the two countries over a specific issue or a war may break out over the border between a river flowing between the two countries. Or war could break out between two nations in the same country. 

In that case, one of the solutions to prevent a war is to sit in a meeting of the two sides or to resolve it if a war breaks out with the mediation of a third state. The most important of these is the signing of an international ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire is the formal agreement to end the war. 

In the past, people have been realizing that in all circumstances, there should be a system of government in the world so that their relations and relations can be run smoothly. The rules on which this system is based are called "international law". International law we usually get from treaties or agreements between countries.

Secondly, the “sovereign power” of the state enacts laws within the country. War-torn countries do not have sovereignty, so internal laws are not enacted in war-torn countries. No sovereign power is required to legislate international law, but independent states try to unite the war-torn countries in a treaty or agreement. As a result, international law can be established to end the war. An example of this is the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire mediated by Egypt, which is going to take the form of a ceasefire agreement and Gaza has for years been subjected to an Israeli blockade that restricts the passage of people and goods, as well as restrictions by Egypt.

Based on this ceasefire treaty or agreement, many mandatory rules are unanimously adopted in this ceasefire agreement between the two countries. If a ceasefire agreement is signed between the two countries, the two war-torn countries must abide by it, but if any of the two countries violates it, then the developed countries may impose military sanctions on the internationally violated country and impose high taxes on trade.

Thirdly, the ceasefire agreement was formulated for the peace of the two countries or the two nations of the same war-torn country. History will be made when the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestine is signed.  In 1776, the United States declared independence from Britain. This led to war between the two countries. Giving an example will make the matter clearer. In 1780, a truce was signed between the two countries in Versailles, France. The treaty later gave the United States independence from Britain in 1783. This treaty of U.S. independence is known as the "First Treaty of Versailles". As a result of this history, it is possible to assess the significance of the ceasefire agreement. Israel is making approximately $37 million in direct economic losses each day it is bombing Gaza, Israeli newspaper "Yedioth Ahronoth". 

As well, the "Hamas’s media office" estimated that bombardments had caused $40 million in damage to factories and the strip’s industrial zone and other industrial facilities, in addition to $22 million in damage to the energy sector. Such a huge economic loss is detrimental to both countries. If this huge amount of money is spent on the welfare of the people, it will be a blessing for the people of these two countries. So, a "ceasefire agreement" could save the country from this economic downturn.

Lastly, in my opinion, a "ceasefire agreement" is a key solution because it can establish peace. It will be possible to end the ethnic aggression of these two countries in the same territory because a ceasefire agreement is a way to solve a major international problem.

MD Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik.

Student of Law Department at North South University.